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No matter what anyone tells you, no one wants to face an eviction proceeding. Your home is your sanctuary and this firm is dedicated to making sure that you receive proper representation as you face these proceedings.

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Real Property

Your home is your sanctuary!  You spend valuable time and money keeping it just perfect. You want to take a rest from it all, but then it happens…the neighbors are too noisy; the owners want to make changes on the building that would negatively affect the aesthetics of the home or prior to buying the home, title is not clear.  We are here to assist you in your real property concerns.

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Consumer Debt

Credit cards bills, cell phone bills, hospital bills – no one wants to stay in debt. Furthermore, no one wants to receive endless creditor letters, harassing phone calls, or even worse –  a summons and complaint in their mailbox to address a debt. We are here to assist you in addressing your creditor-debtor concerns.

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Family Law

Family matters and at our firm, we are here to assist you in your child custody and child support concerns.

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Criminal Law

Every defendant is entitled to a proper defense.  You are innocent until proven guilty.

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