When you get into trouble with the law, you are entitled to an effective defense.

Many times, clients come into court and do not realize what their rights are. Before they arrive at court, the clients may or may not have a proper understanding that they have rights to be protected. That’s where we come in. When you come to us, you can expect a thorough explanation on your rights and options.


Criminal Law

What you can expect during the consultation

A. Review of all of your documents
B. Discussion on the circumstances leading to the arrest
C. Discussion on the applicable laws related to violation, misdemeanor, or felony charges
D. Discussion on possible defenses
E. Discussion of the applicable court procedures
F. Discussion of your options (Plea deal vs. Court Proceedings)

What you need to bring to the consultation

A. A thorough explanation of your situation and your best attitude. It’s important that you share the whole story with your attorney. Don’t leave me guessing.

B. Any current court and/or government generated documents

  • DAT slips
  • Criminal information/complaint
  • Police report (if in your possession)
  • Witness statements (if applicable)

C. Any other relevant information

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Church/Community involvement
  • Documents relevant to your stated defense.
  • Witnesses that can speak favorably on your behalf

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