Home As Your Sanctuary!

Home As Your Sanctuary!

1431726_21417224    It’s 5:30 am.  The alarm clock rings, you roll over to hit snooze, blink at the clock and decide to catch a few more zzz’s.  How nice it must feel to rest quietly in a comfortable bed – in your uncluttered bedroom – in the comfort of the home you call your “sanctuary.”   “My sanctuary?”  Yes, your sanctuary; the place where you run to get away from it all – drama at work; petty complaints in stores; train and bus delays; too much stress to put in e-print format.

     But what makes a home a sanctuary? According to www.dictionary.com, a “sanctuary” is “a sacred or holy place; a place of refuge.”  Aaaah!!! That place of refuge.  Who doesn’t want that?  Here are a few things to consider in making your home your sanctuary: Your home should be a place of peace. When I come home, I like to put down my bags, take off my coat, and relax in my chair or coach.  I’m able to calm down from the stressors outside of the home.  How?  It’s quiet!!!  No “Why do I have to handle this matter?  I have two cases and Co-Worker X has only one.”  No “Stop pushing me!” – while you’re riding the bus or train with personal space at a premium.  No “Where is the manager? I’ve been waiting here all day!”   Peace and tranquility with little to no hubbub or racket can make your home your sanctuary.

     Your home should be a place of beauty to you.   The design of your living room, kitchen, foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even garage should be to such extent that you can peacefully enjoy each space.  I enjoy a living room with a great entertainment center (i.e., vast array of books, music, dvds, tv and radio).  Oh, and I love a kitchen with a great set of cookware, spices, and china.  Let’s not forget the office filled with books, notes, your comfortable desk, and perhaps a computer or sewing machine or stethoscope (for our medical professionals).  Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone’s taste in design and structure may be different.  Yet, the home can be the best escape zone from the hectic world outside.

     Your home should be a place of warmth. In this cold winter season, we all need to feel the warmth of the heat, whether it comes in the form of a space heater, steam pipe, or wood-burning stove.  It is particularly important that the heating source works well; for a home during the winter cannot be a sanctuary if the temperature inside is unbearable.

Peace, beauty, and warmth.  Sounds simple enough.  All three can make a home truly your sanctuary.